Ayahuasca, with help from ChatGPT

Last week, while in the Ecuadorian Amazon, I indulged in an Ayahuasca ceremony. It didn’t go well, and afterwards I typed up a fairly straightforward account of what happened. I also managed to get my hands on the newly released ChatGPT so I had a try at seeing what it could do with the text I had written. I asked it to rewrite my text in Shakespearian English. What follows is what it came up with. I think it has a more interesting tone than my originally bland description. It sounds like an account of someone who’s brain had just been put through a blending machine, which in my case is pretty accurate. Have a read. And if you’re ever in the Amazon then I wouldn’t recommend trying Ayahuasca.

So, as the shadows of evening stretched across the land, we began our journey. The Shaman led me into the jungle and sat me beneath a mighty tree, surrounded by the cacophony of the wilderness. He brought forth the ayahuasca, chanting and blessing it before offering it to me to swallow in a single draught. I did as he bade, and he himself drank a small measure before retiring into the darkness. For nigh on twenty minutes, nothing occurred. But then I began to sweat, my garments becoming quickly drenched. An unpleasant sensation overtook me, though I saw no visions. My mind remained clear and lucid, yet my body was wracked with discomfort. An hour passed, and I was seized with vomiting, continuing to retch every ten minutes for the next few hours. This is often the case when one undergoes the ceremony with a full stomach, though I had fasted all day. It was as if I were bound to a bungee cord, being tossed and turned. The nausea and motion sickness were intense, despite my stillness. Still, no visions came to me, my mind remaining clear. The Shaman would occasionally approach, chanting and waving branches as if banishing demons. This went on for two hours, until they returned me to my chamber. My legs could scarce support me, and my vision pulsed with a strobing effect. My garments clung to me like a wet blanket as I collapsed upon the yoga mat on the floor, unable to sleep on the bed. Strangely, I woke the next morning feeling oddly lucid. What was my experience like? A truly wretched case of food poisoning, nothing more profound.

The tree I sat under

4 thoughts on “Ayahuasca, with help from ChatGPT

  1. That was an interesting post Adrian, I was also considering trying Ayahuasca when we are in South America next year. I think I will give it a miss unless I need to lose a few kilos. Love your blog!


      1. We have taken a leaf out of your book and have 12 months off next year to do some travelling. We won’t be in South America until early 2024 🙂


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