Planning the Pan-American (not)

We’ve well and truely finished the Pan-American now. It’s been two month since we sold our van and left Chile. Now we’re on our way to Europe to spend summer there. I thought I’d write a brief summary of the trip with tips for anyone else who might be contemplating undertaking a similar adventure. We … Continue reading Planning the Pan-American (not)

Buying a foreign registered car in Chile as a foreigner

One week ago we finished the van life part of the Pan American trip. In total we took 217 days, drove 25,000km and passed through 16 different countries on the journey from Colorado to Santiago de Chile. One of my niggling concerns during the last few weeks of the trip was how we were going … Continue reading Buying a foreign registered car in Chile as a foreigner

Colorado to Mexico – the ‘cool’ route

Travelling anywhere in summer these days requires a degree of flexibility to dodge extreme weather events that are becoming ever more prevalent. After recovering from Covid in the mountains of Colorado we were faced with a choice of directions to continue. Obviously we needed to head south, towards Mexico but we'd just passed through the … Continue reading Colorado to Mexico – the ‘cool’ route