How much did the Pan American cost us?

During this month of March we’re staying in a log cabin in Bariloche, Argentina. We’re close to a lake and lots of hiking spots and very little else. It’s a chance to recover, and reflect. One of the things I’ve done is total up the amount we spent doing the entire Pan-American trip. The answer?

$58,000 Australian Dollars

That’s over a total of 9 months, which I don’t think is too bad. As expected the expenses related to the van cost the most. In total the van ended up costing us about $20,000 in gas, insurance, repairs and the fact that we sold it for a loss in Chile. Considering the crazy distances that we drove it, and the fact that it served as a place to sleep, cook and way to visit places impossible to see otherwise, that doesn’t seem terribly expensive.

The next biggest expense was what I termed Holiday expenses. This was stuff like the 5 day sailing trip from Panama, hotels, paragliding in Colombia and other activities, visiting national parks & museums etc. This came to an about $19,000.

Finally, the balance of the expenses was things like Food, Eating Out, Spanish lessons etc.

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